7-13-2016 Worship

L – Front to Back – Annette Newquist, Duanne Phillips, Lonita Fox

R – Front to Back – Judy Bushaus, Leah Brice

Worship Vision Statement: The Ministry will focus on the celebration of faith both as a congregation and individually. The Ministry encourages us to relate to God in worship and outside of the church.

Worship Mission Statement: To encourage the congregation to participate in worship through prayer, praise, music, art, drama, media and any other form that enhances the spirituality of those in attendance.

Our Ministry works closely with the pastor to plan meaningful worship services. We are the hands and feet of worship, making sure the pastor’s vision is brought to life. We plan the logistics of special services such as Easter and Christmas, oversee the ushers and greeters, plan mid-week evening lessons and meals, and plan for special Sundays with readers theaters, special music etc.