Saturday Meals grew out of a Senior High Youth Group mission trip to Philadelphia PA in 1988.  On the trip the youth had the opportunity to help feed and minister to the homeless of that city.  They learned that many of the homeless were once typical Americans not too different from their own family members.  In fact, many people were, and still are, as close as one illness, one divorce, or the loss of one job to being homeless.  Inspired by the experience there, the youth group organized a free, no strings attached, meal open to all.

In the beginning the meals were prepared by members of the church with the help of Senior High Youth Group.  Now the program almost runs by itself.  There are a couple of dedicated volunteers that monitor supplies and coordinate the cooks and servers.  The church confirmation classes students participate in the Saturday meal program by helping cook, serve, and clean up.  The students serve in pairs that rotate each Saturday.

The cooks now come from the greater Quincy area as well as church members.  Each Saturday between 50 and 75 people are served.  The meal is still open to all, no strings attached.  Some of the people served come for the food and some for the fellowship, but all leave full.