7-13-2016 Resources

L -R Back Row – Ralph Baxter, Bill Winn, Don Hunter, Kathy Willing

L – R Front Row – Ken Abbath, Jeannie Kanauss, Sharon Higgins

The ministry focuses on the joys and costs of discipleship.  Stewardship efforts include:

  • Congregational resources (people)
    • Time
    • Money
    • Talents
    • Physical Assets
    • Property
    • Investments


Vision: The Ministry will focus on the joys and costs of discipleship.

Mission: The Resource Ministry focuses on the costs and joys of discipleship and the effective stewardship of spiritual gifts.  Use of facilities, people, dollars, time, and talents provide ways to further the mission and vision of Salem Church.

Some of the ways we live out the vision and mission through this ministry:
We manage the physical resources of the church keeping them in good repair.  In addition to the sanctuary, our facilities include Heritage Park at the corner of 9th and State and the Fellowship Hall/education addition.
We strive to provide accessible facilities eliminating barriers to the physical challenges of life.  Our new church “bus” provides easier access to transportation for activities.
We try to be good stewards of God’s gifts and maintain an endowment program to help fund the ministries of the church and the grants program.
Our Service Coordinator will help us to be God’s stewards of the gifts and talents of our congregation.