Toni Hemming

Toni Hemming presented our Mission Moment Sunday to tell us about the work of Domestic Abuse RE-LIEF. The purpose of Domestic Abuse RE-LIEF is to provide permanent homes for victims of domestic abuse. It is a non-profit organization which relies entirely on volunteers and donations. They do not build new homes like Habitat, but prefer to remodel or completely renovate existing homes. Domestic Abuse RE-LIEF partners with local domestic violence agencies to identify possible home recipients. These are people who have already finished with their counseling and financial assessments through our local agencies and are now ready for permanent housing.

There are several ways you can help Domestic Abuse RE-LIEF . One way would be by working on a house. The donation of any good, used appliances would be welcome. NO furniture. If you want to work or donate an appliance, please contact Ric Hillebrenner at 430-0644. Also, anyone wanting to make a cash contribution can send a check to the church office made out to Salem Church and note Domestic Abuse RE-LIEF in the memo line. Donations of time or money are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.

Salem Stewardship Committee